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 Nightmare recruiting (HW X 121 HW XI 162)

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PostSubject: Nightmare recruiting (HW X 121 HW XI 162)   Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:50 am

Nightmare is a fun and friendly order who are looking to recruit some active players for the upcoming HW. We currently have 4 spots to fill before the wars start. We are looking for players with 90/90k base decks who are active and looking to join a fun order. HW points requirements are 100k which isn't that much, is it? Line messenger is needed for communication during wars and events (And generally chatting bubbles at any time)

So if you are sick of being asked to invest 1000's of HP and want somewhere you can feel right at home, nightmare is the place for you.

Feel like you make the grade, hit me up on line-corby167203 or pm here, support in game, same ign. Or contact our order leader, just search VL6 or veilsix on "line".

We have finished top 200 in last 4 Hw and also top 150 in last 3 events (except for Gotter, we were having a rest, still top 300). Events are optional and even though we always say we are going to rest and rebuild, still we manage top 150 finishes. One of these days we will actually try at an event

Seriously though, if you have a decent deck you will probably be included in the leader rotation for HW. Slightly bigger spend during HW from leaders though so if anybody is light on resources we can move people around.

And the best part is that nightmare is so f*cking awesome that I have a string of groupies lined up outside my front door. I had zero sex life before this and now I am a stud. So thankyou nightmare for making me the person that I am today.

Lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!

PS. we have a ginger, so we don't discriminate against ethnic minorities. We are an equal opportunities order
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Nightmare recruiting (HW X 121 HW XI 162)
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