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 Order Leader who steals from his teamates, Leebuffalo !

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S Rare Card Holder
S Rare Card Holder

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PostSubject: Order Leader who steals from his teamates, Leebuffalo !   Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:09 pm

RoB Players,

Please beware, Leebuffalo, order leader from All or None steals from members of the order and kicks out people after he's stolen from them. I was suckered by him when I saw his recruitment ad, but DO NOT BE FOOLED, he is a thief.

I was repeatedly a Top 800 performer in the order (we were #7 in the Goblin event and #11 in the previous adventure one) and in HW-X I performed in the top 5 of the order, when we were top 40. This HW, (HWXI) , I had to work over the weekend and I couldn't participate much.

The thief, Leebuffalo saw this as an opportunity to steal my contributions to the order and kick me out, claiming i was a leech. I have pictures of him praising my performace in past events.

He has a weird system where he demands HP donations from certain members and not from others, 10 HPs a piece, plus weekly rupie donations of 100k. I started asking questions about the system when suddenly and without warning he kicking me out. Please keep in mind, I never missed a single donation of HPs and since I disliked donating weekly, I'd donate 1 million every 2 months or 6 weeks or so.

Now, he is using a bunch of his alts to harass me, defaces my wall all the time and attacks me nonstop. I don't mind the attacks, I've spend my rupies and saved them in trades with friends, but the intimidation tactics will not work. I've already reported him to Mobage.

Stay away from this thief and cheater. That order is full of nice people, but they've been conned by this sociopath and he has no morals and will rob and cheat you blind.

Best regards,
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Order Leader who steals from his teamates, Leebuffalo !
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